Offerred at GSH Medical Liberty Village (formally known as East Liberty Medical Center)

GSH Medical has registered psychologists on staff. Our psychologists have experience working with adults, young adults and adolescents. The psychologists on staff are trained and experienced in cognitive behaviour therapy and interpersonal therapy.

Psychotherapists on Staff

Careen Coetzee,
M.A., C. Psych. Assoc.
Registered Psychological Associate.

Stefanie Mathes
M.A., C. Psych, C.C.C
Registered Psychotherapist
Under the supervision of Careen Coetzee

Anna Marson
M.A., C. Psych, C.C.C
Registered Psychotherapist
Under the supervision of Careen Coetzee

Psychology and Psychotherapy have not always been seen from a positive light. People have seen therapy as part of a treatment for a “mental illness”. Our approach is from the position of maintaining your “mental health”. We live in a demanding highly stressed society. By developing a deeper understanding of ones behaviors, stressors, moods and thoughts and changing the unhealthy and enhancing the healthy, one will develop a healthier attitude towards oneself and society.

Our focus is to empower people to break these unhealthy patterns: unhealthy relationships, negative thinking patterns and difficulty establishing and maintaining connections. Change is not easy, but it is a personal choice, we can support you through this process, therapy will not change you – you will change you.

Services Provided:

Cognitive Behavior Therapy: Evidence Based Therapy

o   Substance use/misuse (using substance to manage emotions)
o   Anxiety (social and peer related anxiety)
o   Depression
o   Low sense of self
o   Trauma
o   Understanding anger

Interpersonal Therapy:

o Relationships issues (learning to developing and maintaining healthy relationships).
o Communication styles (using a communication model to shift patterns with partners and colleagues)


Insurance plans cover Registered Psychological Associate-please check with your insurance company before hand. Psychological Services are also tax deductible.